Import of Animal & Animal Products into the Kingdom of Bhutan

As per the Livestock Act of Bhutan 2001, animals of any species and their products including foods of animal origin are restricted from entry into Bhutan. Any importer or any person wishing to import live animals/products into the Kingdom of Bhutan should receive an Import Permit from the Bhutan Agriculture & Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) prior to importation. The pre-import process is as follows:

  • The importer should dully fill in the application forms of particular products and submit to the nearest BAFRA office along with a copy of the trade license for commercial purpose and Citizenship Identity Card/Passport for personal purpose. The application form can be accessed from
  • The protocol for the import of animal/products can be accessed from
  • The importer should personally apply a request to import live animals/products into the country to the nearest BAFRA office at least 15 days prior to importation. The application number will be generated upon applying the import permit which will be given to the applicant.
  • The applicant can check the status of the application process in the BBSS portal system using the application number.
  • The BAFRA will examine animal disease status of the country of origin as may be necessary before an issuance of Import Permit which will include an appropriate animal health requirement. The animal health requirements for the importation of live animals/products into Bhutan shall be periodically revised to cope with the present situation and/or the current animal disease status.
  • The BAFRA shall issue import permit with the requirements to comply with import health standards and conditions to be met for a particular risk.
  • The importer should get the approved Import permit from the nearest BAFRA office. An import permit fee of Nu. 300/- & Nu.100/- per permit shall be a charge for commercial and personal purposes respectively.
  • Failure to meet the prescribed condition in the Import permit shall result in returning the consignment to the exporter country at the exporter expanse or destruction or disposal without the payment of compensation.
  • For the import of live animals, the importer should confirm an exact date of arrival of the imported animals at the port of entry to prepare all facilities concerned, at least 3 days in advance for quarantine.
  • 15 days quarantine period will be observed at the point of entry.