Animal & Animal Products

This part of the information is useful for any individual planning to send/import any animals and animal products into Bhutan.

Animals of any species and their products including foods of animal origin are restricted from entry into Bhutan. Prior permission must be obtained from Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to import any animal or their products into Bhutan.

Information on import of animal and animal products including foods of animal origin into Bhutan can be accessed under the menu “ Download>Guidelines and Standards>Livestock protocols” of this page.  However, zoosanitary requirements may vary from what has been stated therein depending on the exporting country. Live animals may be quarantined at the place of entry.

Anyone in possession of any animal or animal products and entering the country will have to declare it in the Customs Declaration form (if entry is by air) or to the BAFRA Officials on duty (if entry is by land route). Failing to do so, but if caught with such items will attract penalty in accordance with the Livestock Act of Bhutan 2001 and its rules.