Awareness meeting on Biosecurity and Food Safety Requirement to Facilitate Trade( 25-26 Feb 2021) at Hotel Pema Karpo, Wangdue


To create awareness on;

  • Plant and Animal Biosecurity and Food safety requirements
  • Import and export requirements of RNR products to address current evolving trade issues
  • Food safety requirements, import and export  requirements of food commodities

About 25 Participants comprising representatives from Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, Extension Officials, Local Government (Gup), businessmen, BAFRA officials participated in the meeting. The awareness workshop received overwhelming support from Extension Officials and local government and expected to disseminate information and advise farmers and primary producers to fulfill import requirement and facilitate exports of RNR products.

The workshop was organized with generous financial support of Enhanced Integrated Framework, DoT, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Thimphu.

Submitted: BAFRA Plant Section