Enforcement and Monitoring Activities

BAFRA carries out range of activities to ensure that food business comply with legislative requirements laid in the Food Act of Bhutan 2005 and its Rule and Regulations 2007. The inspections are carried out as per the Criteria for Good Hygienic and Manufacturing Practices for Licensing of Food Business set by BAFRA.

The Feasibility Inspection

It is carried before the food establishment has been set up, to determine that the location, the surroundings, planned structures and designs of the food establishment would fulfil the requirements of the Criteria.

The Preliminary Inspection

It is carried out once the establishment has been set up and commissioned and is into regular production.

Follow Up Inspections

It is conducted as and when required for verification of actions taken by FBs on the concerns or non compliances observed during the previous inspections.

Surveillance Inspections

It is conducted for verifying on-going compliance to the Criteria.

Independent testing of samples

The inspection team also draw product samples from the FBs site for testing in accredited independent laboratory.
Monitoring operation of Temporary Food Stalls and street food vendors
Apart from inspection and licensing of established food businesses, the temporary food stalls and street vendors are also monitored to ensure compliance to the following minimum standards developed pursuant to section 53 of the Food Act of Bhutan 2005:

  1. Minimum standards for establishment and operation of temporary food stalls
  2. Minimum standard requirement for street food vendors