Food Safety

Question: Who must be aware of the food hygiene and food safety requirements?

Answer:All food businesses, big or small, whether operating from a business premises, at home or from a mobile unit or food stall, must be aware of the legislations and requirements regarding food hygiene and food safety. Ultimately, you are primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of the food you produce.

Question:  For the food safety licensing of my food business, where should I submit my application form?

Answer: The application forms can submitted either to the BAFRA district offices or to the Head Office.

Question: What are the requirements for food safety licensing of my food business?

Answer: The requirements are as laid out in the application form for the Licensing Process – Food Safety Licensing of Food Businesses (available for download).

Question: Against which criteria/requirement are the food businesses licensed for the Food Safety Licensing?

Answer: Food business operations are licensed against the Criteria for Good Hygienic and Manufacturing Practices for Licensing of Food Business of BAFRA.

Question:  Are temporary vendors and street vendors retailing food required to be licensed as per Food Safety Licensing of Food Businesses?

Answer: No, The Food Safety Licensing doesnot apply to temporary vendors and street vendors. However, they must operate in compliance to the following standard requirements:

  • Minimum standards for establishment and operation of temporary food stalls
  • Minimum standard requirement for street food vendors

Question: Who must attend Food Handlers’ Training ?

Answer: Food Handlers’ Training must be attended by all individuals who supervise and/or handle food or food contact surfaces. Food Handler is defined as a person who manufactures, processes, prepares, serves, delivers, transports or packages food in food establishments.

Question:  Who provides Food Handlers’ Training and where?

Answer: BAFRA conducts the Food Handlers’ Training, free of charge, for all people who supervise and/or handle food or food contact surfaces. The trainings are uniformly provided throughout 20 Dzongkhags at BAFRA Dzongkhag offices by food safety officials of BAFRA. Upon successful completion of the training a food handler is issued with a Food Handlers’ License.

Question: What is the validity period of the Food Handlers License?

Answer: Food Handlers’ License is valid for three years.

Question:  How can I renew my expired Food Handlers License?

Answer: The food handler has to undergo Refreshers’ Training and successfully complete it for the renewal of the food handlers’ license.

Question: What are required to undergo the Food Handlers Training or Refreshers’ Training?

Answer: The following are required to be submitted during the training day:

  • Valid medical certificate (Form C of the occupational Health)
  • CID copy
  • Nu. 100 (nominal card printing cost)

Question:  What is the procedure to export locally processed food products?

Answer: Exporters wishing to export the locally processed products of Bhutan may approach the nearest BAFRA Dzongkhag office for export certificate. The export certificate would be issued against the batches of product intended for export after testing against the safety standards of Bhutan. The exporters are required to apply for the certificate atleast 2 weeks prior to the export of the consignment.