Food Importation into Bhutan

Import of food products into Bhutan is regulated as per the Plant Quarantine Rules and Regulations (2003), Food Act of Bhutan (2005), Seed Rules and Regulations (2006), the Food Rules and Regulations of Bhutan (2007) and Livestock Rules and Regulations of Bhutan (2008). Prior approval in the form of an import permit to import food commercially into Bhutan must be obtained from the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

The application for import permit must be processed two weeks prior to the import of the consignment.

  1.  To import food products of animal-origin, click here. (Link to Import permit – Animals)
  2.  To import food products of plant –origin, click here. (Link to Import permit – Plant/Fruits)

Certification of locally processed foods for export

Section 65 and 66 of the Food Act of Bhutan 2005 authorizes BAFRA to carry out inspection, analysis or documentation as required by the relevant importing country or countries. Section 62 – 67 of the Food Rules and Regulations 2007 mandates that foods exported commercially from Bhutan has to be issued with Export Certificate from BAFRA .
Exporters wishing to

export the locally processed products of Bhutan may approach the nearest BAFRA Dzongkhag office for export certificate. The export certificate would be issued against the batches of product intended for export after testing against the safety standards of Bhutan.
The exporters are required to apply for the certificate atleast 2 weeks prior to the export of the consignment.