Standards and Guidelines


  1. Welfare Standards for Transport of Animals
  2. Standards of laboratory for collection and processing of semen
  3. Standards of construction and operation of desginated farm
  4. Standards for pedigree and breeding parameters of livestock meant for breeding, semen and embryo production
  5. Standards for animal feeds and establishments related to production, storage and marketing
  6. Minimum standard for meat retailing and transportation
  7. In-Country Livestock Biosecurity Guidelines
  8. Animal Quarantine Station Operation Manual 
  9. Standards for Different Category of Abattoir

Livestock Protocols

  1. Protocol for import of animal and poultry feeds
  2. Protocol for import of breeding animals
  3. Protocol for Import of day old chicks and hatching eggs
  4. Protocol for import of dressed and frozen chicken
  5. Protocol for import of fresh livestock products
  6. Protocol for import of livestock for processing
  7. Protocol for import of ornamental fish
  8. Protocol-for-import-of-pet-dogs-and-cats
  9. Protocol for import of processed livestock products
  10. Protocol for import of table eggs
  11. Protocol for import of dry fish and crustacean

Food Safety Guidelines

  1. Procedural Manual for Codex Bhutan
  2. BAFRA’s Licensing Process for Food Business
  3. Simplified process flow for issuance of Food Safety License
  4. BAFRA GMP-GHP Criteria 2017
  5. Risk based Inspection and Sampling Manual
  6. Guideline for Import of Food into Bhutan and Good Importing Practices
  7. Food Recall Manual
  8. Food Safety Investigation Manual
  9. Food Handler Training Manual (2008 version)
  10. Food Handler Training Manual for Processing Units
  11. Training Manual for Meat Handlers (2014 version)
  12. Training Manual for Street Food Vendors (2014 version)
  13. Guideline for Food Safety and Quality Management of National Food Security Reserve 
  14. Guideline for Safety and Hygiene of Food Handlers & FBOS 2020

Food Product Certification Guidelines

  1. BAFRA-CS Food Product Certification Scheme
  2. BAFRA CS :Guidelines for Clients on Food Product Certification
  3. BAFRA-CS: Simplified Process flow – Food Product Certification
  4. BAFRA-CS: Guidance for clients enquiring about product certification
  5. BAFRA-CS: Guidelines on the use of BAFRA Standard Marks
  6. BAFRA-CS: Product certification information brochure 
  7. BAFRA CS: Procedure for use of License Certificate and Mark of Conformity
  8. BAFRA-CS : Procedure for handling complaints
  9. BAFRA-CS: Procedure for handling appeals
  10. BAFRA-CS: Procedure for Termination ,Reduction ,Suspension or Withdrawal of Certification 
  11. BAFRA CS : Procedure for Recertification (Renewal) of License
  12. Third Party Organic Certification Process

Food Safety Standards/Technical Regulations

  1. Executive Order-Mandatory Food Standards
  2. Bhutan Technical Regulation for Street Vended Foods
  3. Bhutan Technical Regulation for Red Rice
  4. Bhutan Standard for Natural Mineral Water
  5. Bhutan Technical Regulation for Maize and Maize Products
  6. Bhutan Technical Regulation for Home Processed Pickles
  7. General Standard for Food Hygiene
  8. Bhutan Technical Regulation for Dried Fish and Dried Salted Fish
  9. Bhutan Technical Regulation for Chilli and Chilli Powder
  10. BTS 30 2017 Bhutan Standard for GAP
  11. Bhutan Technical Regulation for Animal Meat and Co-products
  12. Consolidated Technical Regulations BMS 13-22 (2018) 
  13. Minimum Standard Requirement for Street Food Vendors
  14. Minimum Standards for Establishment and Operation of Temporary Food Stalls
  15. Technical Regulation: BMS-012017 PESTICIDE__RESIDUES_IN_FOOD
  16. Technical Regulation: BMS-022017 VETERINARY__DRUG_RESIDUES_IN_FOOD
  17. Technical Regulation: BMS-032017 FOOD ADDITIVES
  18. Technical Regulation: BMS-042017 MYCOTOXINS_IN_FOOD
  19. Technical Regulation: BMS-052017 HEAVY_METALS__IN_FOOD
  20. Technical Regulation: BMS-062017 HONEY
  21. Technical Regulation: BMS-072017 MILK
  22. Technical Regulation: BMS-082017 BUTTER
  23. Technical Regulation: BMS-092017 LOCAL_CHEESE
  24. Technical Regulation: BMS-102017 TABLE_EGGS
  25. Technical Regulation: BMS-112017 GENERAL FRUIT JUICES AND NECTORS
  26. Technical Regulation: BMS-122017 LABELLING_OF_PREPACKAGED_FOODS
  27. Bhutan Organic Standard 2019


  1. Guidelines for Field and Seed Inspection
  2. Hazelnut Plant Standard
  3. Seedling Standard for Coffee
  4. Minimum Seed standards of Bhutan 2019
  5. Standards for Slip(Cardamom) and Rhizome(Ginger) standards
  6. Guideline on Import of Soil for Industrial & Commercial Purpose other than Agricultural Use 2019
  7. Pesticides Guidelines 2019
  8. Released varieties 2017
  9. Plant Biosecurity Contingency Plan 2021

Biosafety (GMO)

  1. Guideline on Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Plants
  2. Guidelines for handling applications_Edition 2014
  3. Guidelines for Inspection and Monitoring of GMOsLMOs
  4. Manual for training workshop on GMOLMO-Handling of Applications and Inspection
  5. Risk Assessment of Food and Feed Products Derived from Genetically Modified Plants