Question: What can I bring into Bhutan?

Answer: Plants and plant products of any species including plant germplasms are restricted from entry into Bhutan by its laws. This ensures that the biosecurity risk to Bhutan’s agricultural industries and unique environment is minimized.
Prior permission must be obtained from Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to import any plant or their products including plant germplasms.
While at the entry point, the importer must declare these imported plant or their products to the Regulatory and Quarantine Officials of BAFRA on duty along with relevant documents who would check and determine whether they can be allowed into Bhutan.
Some products may require treatment to make them safe. Other items may be restricted due to pest and disease risks.

Question:Why can’t I bring or send plants and their products into Bhutan that are already available in Bhutan without having to acquire prior permission from BAFRA?

Answer: The plants  and their products that you find in Bhutan are being subjected to regular surveillance for pest and disease outbreaks. Similar items that are purchased overseas could carry biosecurity pest or disease risks and hence, cannot be imported without prior permission from BAFRA.

Question: What does BAFRA do to ensure that the plants  and their products that they authorize for import does not pose any biosecurity risks?

Answer: Upon receipt of the request to import plant and their products into the country, BAFRA conducts import risk assessment. If the biosecurity risk is minimal, import is authorized but with certain conditions viz. the need for the phytosanitary certificate issued by the competent authority of the exporting country.
If the biosecurity risk is high, request for import of plant and their products is denied.

Question: Can I take plant and their products or other items from Bhutan through an airport to another country?

Answer:  Export of endangered or protected species of plant and their products from Bhutan is restricted. Otherwise, each country has specific requirements as to items that are allowed to be imported. For further information you should contact the relevant country’s quarantine office.

Question:Any banned species for import in our country?
Answer: Raising and import Eucalyptus species has been totally banned in the country as per Plant quarantine rule 2003

Question:What are the totally protected species for export?
Answer: The list of totally protected species for export are

Si/No Local Name Common name Scientificc name
1 Agar/Agaru Eagle wood/ Indian aloe wood Aquilaria malaccensis
2 Yartsa-quenboo Chinese Cterpillar Cordyceps sinensis
3 Pang –gen metog  Gentiana crassuloides
4 Snow down lily Lloydia yunanensis
5 Tsher -ngeon Blue poppy Menconopsis grandis
 6 Yew Kirang -shing Taxus baccata
7 Bhreeng–gee-re-dza Gingseng Panx Pseudo ginseng

The above list is totally protected species as per the forest and nature conservation Act 1995.

Question: Are fees charged for issuing import permit and Phyto-sanitory certificates?

Answer: Fees for issuing import permit and certificates are

SI/No Name of Permit/Certificate Fees(Nu)
1 Import permit (commercial purposes) 100
2 Import permit(personal purposes) 10
3 Import permit for agrochemicals(commercials purposes) 100
4 Import permit for agrochemicals(personal use) 10
5 Phytosanitary certificate (commercial) 50
6 Phytosanitary certificate(personal) 10
7 In country movement permit( commercial and personal) 10