Plant / Germplasm & Plant Products

The plant section also known as agricultural section is one of the three prime sections under Quality Control and Quarantine Division under BAFRA of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. The section ensures the quality of the agricultural, horticultural, forestry plants and its products by implementing various measures in preventing spread, outbreak and entry of pest and diseases of the plants into the country.

It also regulates and promotes the quality of agricultural inputs (seeds, agrochemicals) and products to facilitate trade and increase access in the global market. The section is mandated to implement various RNR legal instruments namely:

  1. The Plant Quarantine Act of Bhutan 1993 and its Rules and Regulations (2003)
  2. The Seeds Act of Bhutan 2000 and its Rules and Regulations (2006)
  3. The Pesticides Act of Bhutan 2000
  4. The Biodiversity Act of Bhutan 2003(partially)
  5. The Forest and Nature Conservation Act of Bhutan 1995(partially)