Plant Biosecurity Requirements

Plant Biosecurity Requirements are implemented as per Plant Quarantine Act of Bhutan 1993, Seed Act of Bhutan 2000 and Pesticides Act of Bhutan 2000. It is enforced to protect the health and life of humans, plants and animals including the environment from risks of entry, establishment and spread of exotic pests and diseases, and also to increase market access and facilitate sustainable economic growth.

Any importer or any person wishing to import plant and its products into the Kingdom of Bhutan should receive an Import Permit from the Bhutan Agriculture & Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) prior to importation. The pre-import process is as follows:

Import Permit

  • The importer shall submit the application for Import Permit atleast one week before the expected date of arrival of consignment. The application form can be accessed from
  • The application for Import Permit can be submitted to any nearest BAFRA field office.
  • The importer shall fulfill the requirements prescribed in the import permit.
  • BAFRA issues import permit for varieties that has been approved under ‘Permitted list of released varieties’.
  • The applicant can check the status of the application process in the BBSS portal system using the application number.
  • The consignments are subject to inspection upon arrival at point of entries for verification.
  • In the event of non-compliance, the consignment may be subject to necessary testing and post-entry quarantine at the cost of the importer.

In-Country Movement Permit.

  • Any individual who intends to move plant and plant product within the country shall apply for in country movement Permit from any nearest BAFRA field offices.
  • The application form can be accessed from
  • The application must be submitted atleast one week before the intended movement of the consignments.
  • BAFRA shall issue a movement permit upon physical inspection and fulfillment of phytosanitary requirements.