Product Certification Services

Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) is mandated to provide product certification services to support the industries and commerce in Bhutan for market access and trade facilitation. BAFRA provides certification through BAFRA-CS (certification services).

In today’s highly competitive international marketplace, customers, governments, general public, employees, stakeholders over the world are demanding companies to adopt product certification which provides an assurance of consistent product quality, pollution prevention, waste reduction, safety and health of employees. To assist the industries and commerce in Bhutan, BAFRA has launched Product Certification Scheme in conformity with Food Act of Bhutan, 2005. BAFRA implements product certification in conformity with ISO IEC 17065:2012 to provide third party mark of Certification.

BAFRA-CS has the following three schemes in operation under product certification:

  1. BAFRA product certification scheme covering food products (accredited for three products- Packaged Drinking Water, Packaged Natural Mineral Water and Fruit Juices by NABCB) – Accredited by NABCB.
  2. BAFRA product certification scheme covering organic products – Ongoing works for accreditation
  3. BAFRA product certification scheme covering BhutanGAP products – Ongoing works for accreditation.

Benefits of product certification

The benefits of product certification include:

  • Increased consumer confidence as the product has gone through an independent auditing and testing process
  • It helps in reducing the non-conformance in the product to a larger extent
  • The certification mark clearly stands out amongst the competitors giving the product an edge
  • Certification proves product credibility in the market
  • It ensures a consistency in the product quality hence earning reputation
  • Confirms that products and services meet all trusted external and internal national/international standards.

To facilitate trade and promote food safety through product certification, BAFRA is currently providing product certification services as gratis.

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