Press Release – World Food Safety Day 2021

Today as the world celebrates the third World Food Safety Day (WFSD) with the theme “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow” to draw attention and inspire action to promote food safety as every one’s business, BAFRA would like join hands in solidarity with everyone on this 3rd WFSD and emphasize that there can be no health, no nutrition and no food security without food safety. Safe food is essential to human health, nutrition and food security.

BAFRA is pleased to announce that in line with this year’s world food safety day theme, it has launched the following food safety awareness campaign and collaborative events with relevant partners to commemorate the third world food safety day on 7th June 2021:

  1. Partnership with the College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan

College campuses play an important role in building momentum towards a better and safer food system and youth play an important role in creating awareness on food safety for better community engagement. 

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Poster competition
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Video competition

The students of Food Science and Technology are the future employees of the food industries and hence have a critical role in promoting food safety in the food industries. Therefore, BAFRA has collaborated with the CNR Food Science and Technology Program to run an online poster and video competition on the “Importance of codex standards for food trade and consumer protection”. This campaign was launched in the first week of May 2021 via digital platform using Facebook.  

  • Partnership with the Royal Civil Service Commission’s Wellbeing Services Division

National Government are critical for ensuring safe and nutritious food for all and civil servants in Bhutan play an important role as agent of change in their homes, offices and community at large. BAFRA therefore,

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Cake cutting ceremony

collaborated with the RCSC’s Wellbeing Services Division to create awareness on food safety in the public sector and foster collaboration among the public health, animal health, agriculture sector including the private sectors. A half-day food safety awareness program was organized jointly by BAFRA and RCSC for the Women’s Hoops for Health Initiative at Chang Basketball Complex on 28 May 2021 to publicize food safety as a key to sustaining life and promoting good health. Food Safety posters, pamphlets and promotional materials were distributed during the event. The outdoor event was jointly graced by the RCSC’s Hon’ble Chairperson Dasho Karma Hamu Dorji and the Director Generals of BAFRA, RCSC and MoLHR.  

Women’s Hoops for Health members 
  • Launching a Food Label Literacy Program with the Word Food Program of the United Nations

To promote safe and nutritious food consumption in Bhutan, BAFRA in collaboration the WFP Country Office Bhutan has launched two series of “Zhego Delek’ articles to educate the Bhutanese consumers on Food Safety, Food Quality and Food Adulteration in the weeks leading to the WFSD 2021. The third series which is a food label literacy video is being rolled out today using digital platform (through MoAF & BAFRA Websites and BAFRA’s Facebook Page) to commemorate the third world food safety day.  The food label literacy video may be accessed at link given below

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