• Through BAFRA’s coping strategy, Gear towards RCSC objectives of a small, efficient & compact civil service
  • To build competence and the bridge the huge human resource gap of BAFRA officials on inspections and certification

To promote multitasking through enhanced professionalism via systems perspective for  effective and efficient delivery of BAFRA services

The need for capable human resources is an essential component in both public and private service delivery. BAFRA under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is gearing towards attaining such an objective by providing quality human resources development for our field personnel utilizing our own available experts.

A week long Integrated Training on Biosecurity Management and Promotion of Food Safety begin today from 29 November to 4 December 2021 at Mongar Dzongkhag.

The participants will be trained on multi-sectoral discipline such as food, livestock and plant which are vital components of biosecurity and food safety of Bhutan. Training started with particular focus on food business licensing and management of import and exports of RNR products in pursuit to achieving BAFRA’s mandate in protecting the health of plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Apart from the biosecurity and food safety responsibilities, BAFRA has substantial role in trade facilitation to access and coordination in the international markets. However, BAFRA is grappling with intrinsic issues with shortage of staff, limited budget and wider area coverage.

This intensive training which is a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic expertise is expected to develop competence in non-domain expertise through multitasking to provide undisrupted service for Bhutanese importers and exporters.

About 23 selected BAFRA officials from various regions (Pemagatshel, Trashigang, Trashiyangtse, Lhuentse, Zhemgang, Bumthang and Mongar) are participating in the Training without disruption of daily services in the respective Dzongkhags.

Dr Tashi Samdup, Director General of BAFRA graced the opening session enroute to BAFRA offices in the Eastern Dzongkhags to motivate BAFRA officials to continue their hard work and professionalism in delivering their services at any given time. He specifically emphasized on the need to work as a team and advised to think from system’s perspective for a holistic development. Further, he supplemented to be astute and maintain professionalism while performing duties. Such an essential training program during this Covid19 pandemic scenario is supported by EU-RDCCRP coordinated by PPD, MoAF which is very timely.