BAFRA provides product certification services to support the farmers, industries and commerce in Bhutan for market access and trade facilitation. BAFRA implements product certification in conformity with ISO IEC 17065:2012 to provide a third party mark of certification.

Certification Services

Document NoDocument Title Issue NoIssue Date View Download 
BAFRA CS 01Food Product Certification Scheme417-Jul-20 Download
BAFRA CS 02Organic Product Certification Scheme 317-Jul-20Download 
BAFRA CS 03Bhutan GAP Product Certification Scheme 317-Jul-20Download 
BAFRA-CS-GL-4.1-01Guideline on the use of Standard Marks 59-Jun-22Download 
BAFRA-CS-GL-7.6-01Guidelines for operation of certification committee (CC)415-Apr-21Download 
BAFRA-CS-GL-7.2-02Guidelines for applicants for product certification215-Apr-20Download 
BAFRA-CS-GL-7.2-01Guidance for clients enquiring about product certification215-Apr-20Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR-4.1-02Procedure for use of license, certificates and marks of conformity415-Apr-21Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR-7.13-01Procedure for handling complaints415-Apr-21Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR-7.13-02Procedure for handling Appeal315-Apr-21Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR-7.11-01Procedure for termination, reduction, suspension or withdrawal
of certification
BAFRA-CS-PR-7.9-02Procedure for recertification (renewal) of license427-Apr-21Download 
BAFRA CS-PR7.2-01-FM-03Application for BhutanGAP certification2 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR7.2-01-FM-04Initial questionnaire for farm assessment for BhutanGAP certification2 Download 
BAFRA CS-PR7.2-01-FM-01Application for Food Product  certification2 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR7.2-01-FM-02Initial questionnaire for factory assessment3 Download 
BAFRA CS-PR7.2-01-FM-05Application for  Organic certification2 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR7.2-01-FM-06Initial questionnaire for farm assessment for organic certification5 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR4.1-01-FM-01Legally enforceable agreement for food product certification4 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR4.1-01-FM-04Legally enforceable agreement for  Bhutan GAP  certification3 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR4.1-01-FM-03Legally enforceable agreement for  Organic   certification3 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR7.4-01-FM-13Request for analysis of sample2 Download 
 BAFRA-CS-PR6.1-04-FM-02Feedback from the company/client that has been audited3 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR7.9-02-FM-01Application for recertification (renewal) of license2 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR7.13-01-FM-07Complaint Form 1 Download 
BAFRA-CS-PR6.2-01-FM-01Application for laboratory recognition2 Download 
BAFRA-CS-GL7.4-01-FM-01Form for sample retention with the client1 Download 


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