Export Certification Process

  • Any plant or plant product should be accompanied by phyto-sanitory certification with consignment to facilitate proper export trend.
  • Plant section issued certification of cash crops such as Mandarins, Apples, Matsutake mushrooms and Ophicordycep sinensis
    (Yartsa Guenboop) for export purpose.
  • Quality of the produce is checked as per the technical standards of mandarins, Apples, Matsutake mushroom, and
    Ophicordycep Sinensis( Yartsa Guenboop)
  • The inspectors or officials on duty shall then inspect the consignment and seal according to the norm.
  • The inspectors or officials on duty shall issue phyto-sanitory certificate based on the inspection and verification
  • The applicant shall apply for phyto-sanitary certificate with necessary information required in the form.