Export of Cordycep

Submit duly completed application form to any BAFRA office in 20 Dzongkhag for inspection and issuance of export.
Relevant Documents necessary for every application for export certificate;

1. Direct export
• Royal slip issued by the concerned DoFPS office
• Business transaction document issued by respective gewog administration.
2. High Altitude residents collectors
• Collection permit document issued to them by the concerned gewog administration.
• Certificate of origin from the respective range office, DoFPS quantifying the collection made during that particular season. Royal slip issued by respective DoFPS office.
• Business transaction document issued by respective Gewog administration.
The concerned BAFRA inspector will
• Verify the relevant documents.
• Deduct the quantity proposed for export from the total quantity mentioned in the relevant document
• Sign on the relevant document with their individual official seal.
• Maintain the photocopy of the same document every time an export certificate is issued.
3. The After inspection the consignment must be packed in presence of BAFRA inspector to prevent inclusion of any other commodities.
4. The consignment will be sealed by BAFRA inspector with inspected mark on the consignment.
5. The export certificate for the quantity is issued after necessary export fee nu. 50 has been received for the inspection of one lot. Necessary official’s revenue receipt shall be issued by BAFRA Inspector.
6. It is mandatory to declare the cordycep consignment at the exit point to BAFRA Official. Failure to declare will lead to seizure of the consignment.