Food Handlers License

If you have a food business, or work in the food processing or catering industry, you are required to undertake the Food Handlers training as mandated by the Food Rules and Regulations of Bhutan (2017). BAFRA issues food handlers license after a health interview, training on food safety, and signing an undertaking that the food handler and all those under their supervision restrain themselves from handling food under certain conditions of illness as listed below;

  1. Hepatitis A (Jaundice)
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Fever
  5. Sore throat with fever
  6. Visibly infected skin lesions (boils, cuts etc.)
  7. Discharge for ear, eye, and nose

BAFRA conducts the Food Handlers’ Training, free of charge, for all people who supervise and/or handle food or food contact surfaces. The trainings are conducted for the food handlers working in processing units, meat shops and as street food vendors. The trainings are uniformly provided throughout 20 Dzongkhags based on standard training