Benefits of a Secure Online Data Repository

Secure Online Data Repository is an enormous database infrastructure that stores, manages and collects data sets to be used for analysis and reporting. It utilizes metadata as well as standard schemas and structured methods of organization to make it simple to find the information. It also allows for the storage of multiple sources of data in one place to make it easier to integrate.

A central system can be used to ensure uniform management practices and adherence to regulatory requirements. For instance it is able to manage how long data needs to be kept and how they should be deleted. Data repositories usually have robust access control methods, including the ability to restrict authorized users to certain data segments which makes it much more difficult for hackers to take advantage of individual data points. They may also have tools to analyze patterns of data access which makes it easier to identify suspicious activities.

Improved Data Quality: Many repositories have features for cleansing data and quality assurance, which improves the reliability of business intelligence and analytics efforts. This can lead to redundant storage, which can increase costs for storage and can make it difficult to transfer data.

Security: Data repositories are attractive targets for cyber threats, which makes implementing robust security measures essential. In addition to strict access control and routine backups to safeguard against attacks from malicious hackers that could harm or destroy the database of a repository.

A well-designed data repository will help your company achieve its goals in business analysis and intelligence, as well as protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access and helping you comply with the regulations like GDPR. Lepide Data Security Platform allows you to scan repositories and identify sensitive data. It automatically categorizes the data as soon as it is detected, so that you can establish access control rules.

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